50ml Optical Matching Gel

50ml Optical Matching Gel

OverviewQuick DetailsPlace of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Brand Name:YuhuiModel Number:YH-YH-B30Name:Matching gel for opticalApplication:for optical mechanical splices and connectorCapacity:30mlTpe:syringe typeDiameter:24mmLength:125mmWeight:35g/pcs(with syringe)Package:1pcs/bagCertification:IS......

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Product Description

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Yuhui
Model Number:YH-YH-B30
Name:Matching gel for optical
Application:for optical mechanical splices and connector
Tpe:syringe type
Weight:35g/pcs(with syringe)

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details   20pcs/box
Delivery Time        15days

 Matching gel for optical 50ml bottled type YH-YJ-B50

 Main points :
Avoid winding, no residue.

Principle :
Law of reflection and Fresnel equation, optical fiber and optical fiber matching block at the end of the refractive index matching, and eliminate the reflected light, to complete the test.
All optical passive components of the return loss test, especially in the multimode fiber back loss test, some of the sensitive fiber, or anti bending fiber, multi-core MT connectors, such as the return loss must be used in the test.

Turn on the matching block cover downwards, so as not to fall into the dust.
Check whether there is dust or dirt on the surface of the block matching, such as, with a clean cotton swab dipped in anhydrous alcohol cleaning surface of the block matching, matching block surface evaporation of alcohol can be used to be; check for matching block surface is damaged, if there is a need to replace the block matching.
The test terminal of the test optical fiber device is in contact with the surface of the matching block (but not too hard, so as not to damage the matching block).
The return loss of the surface of the test instrument to be inserted back to the damage is no longer rising and the comparison is stable, the read out and record the return loss value, and then return to the next device.
To be matched block after using it, check the matching block surface free of dust and dirt, if there is no twist on the block matching cover, back into storage.

Avoid winding to avoid damage to the fiber.
No residue, matching block itself is solid, and the optical fiber contact will not cause fouling of the fiber.
Low cost relative to a filament wound, although on the surface increases the cost, but the efficiency is greatly improved, matching block in the proper use of that theory is life is permanent, and actually used nearly a million times, with respect to the winding their savings in time and cost is higher than the price itself. In addition, due to the winding will cause damage to the fiber, and the matching block will not, it will be a lot of cost savings, the price is relatively high for the no light source device is even more so.
Reduce product defect rate, because of the winding will on the part of the fiber damage test and not sure whether on fiber caused damage, so the fiber factory is to be 100% certain that there are no bad product, and the use of block matching is no trouble in this respect, in order to reduce the rate of defective products.

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