Wall Mount Terminal Box

Wall Mount Terminal Box

OverviewQuick Details Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Brand Name:YuhuiModel Number: YH-1002Item name: indoor fiber optic cabinetMaterial: cold-rolled steelAdaptor: SC/FC/LCCapacity: 12/24/48/72 coreDimensions: 300x300x80mmweight(kg): 5~20KGTemperature: -40°C~+60°CIPGrade: IP65Co......

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Quick Details

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Yuhui
Model Number:  YH-1002
Item name: indoor fiber optic cabinet
Material: cold-rolled steel
Adaptor: SC/FC/LC
Capacity: 12/24/48/72 core
Dimensions: 300x300x80mm
weight(kg): 5~20KG
Temperature: -40°C~+60°CIP
Grade: IP65
Color: gray or black
Packing: 1pcs/box

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Product Description

YH-1002 indoor Fiber Optic Cabinet
12/24/36/48/72 Core Floor Type
With 24pcs 12 core splicing tray
For SC/FC Adaptor
Waterproof Grade; Ip65   


The cabinet has the functions of optical fiber cable splice, distribution, splitter holding, storage and dispatch. It has great performance of resisting the open-air environment and can resist severe climatic changes and serious working environment. The protection grade reaches IP65.

The cabinet is shaped from high strength glass-fiber polyester (SMC) with excellent performance of mechanical durability, anti-erosion, aging resistance and lightweight.

Full module type design has the advantages of flexible deployment and convenient installation. It can meet the needs of numerous dilatations.

It has the advantages of small volume, large capacity of 288 cores. More than 11 pieces of optical cables can be entered.

High pedestal of the cabinet has the advantage of large space so as to ensure bigger curvature radius when the cable is inlet and facilitate installation, operation and construction. Cable fixing cover type that is applicable to common and ribbon optical cable can be adopted for cable reinforcement if required by user.

FC / SC / LC type adapters are adopted. The installed adapter has an oblique angle of 40" so as to prevent eyes from direct shining of arc light.

The frame has excellent earth system.

Flame-retardant material is adopted for plastic components in the cabinet


Temperatures: -5°C -- 60°C
Humidity: 90% at 30°C
Air Pressure: 70kPa – 106kPa

Technical Specifications:

The cabinet has good performance of sealing with a protection level of IP65.

The cabinet is equipped with theft-proof lock, safety and reliability with good vandal-resistant function. The cabinet has flexible cable inlet and outlet structure and internal connecting structure. All operations are fully done at front.

Earth mode: the cabinet has two earth systems, one is protection earth by way of connecting the cable reinforcement with ground, and another is cabinet housing earth. The two earth systems are not connected with each other. They are separately connected with the ground of machinery house with their own earth wire.

It is applicable to ribbon and common cable. The door of the cabinet can be equipped either only at front or both at front and back. There is adequate space for fiber distribution and storage, as well as enough fiber winding trays. Hanging hooks, which are convenient for user to operate.

The direct splice area is specially equipped in the inside of the cabinet; the cables at two ends are connected in the direct splice area.

Protection grade: IP65

Standard working wavelength: 850nm, 1310nm. 150nm

Pressurization: there is no breakdown or flashover when pressurization≥3000V (DC)/1 min between the metal work piece of the cabinet and earth device.

Insulation resistance: the insulation resistance between the metal work piece of the cabinet and earth device. ≥2x10MΩ/500V(DC)

Each surface of the C can be bear bear a vertical pressure>980N. The outermost part of the door can be bear a vertical pressure>200N when the door is open.

The fixing position of cable can be bear can be bear an axial tensile force 1000N,as well as three times of recyclable torsion of ±90°

The curvature radius>40mm


Dimensions and Capacities:


Packaging & Shipping
1pcs    1pcs/box with sticker    1boxes/carton


Specifications :

Cold rolled steel for the box,ABS for the tray
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity
Insulated resistance
Module Slots
1/2/3/4/5/6pieces 12 core splicing tray
Installation Method (in overstriking )
Floor Standing / wall mounted / pole mounted / rack mounted / corridor mounted / mounted in cabinet

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