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The things about the wiring box in the network

First, the concept of network distribution box

Broadband network wiring box, is a big iron box, there may be a switch, then the network collection of a small range of here, each short cable corresponds to each port in the room, and the network switch or display lamp, it controls the whole room the network.

Two. Application status of network distribution box

With the continuous warming of the global information age, the continuous development of big data, cloud computing, the Internet, people's lifestyle, work habits have also undergone tremendous changes, simple life, convenient work has become a common requirement. Take the cabling industry, the popularization and application of network wiring box for people's work and life has brought great convenience, now many families, companies and other places are equipped with broadband network wiring box, then a lot of network ports in the room, the Internet becomes simple and convenient.

Three, network wiring box problems and suggestions

However, the network wiring box has annoyed me, before I work in a unit, it encountered the network connection is not the problem, very upset, so the wiring box went their own next to see, and I found that the lamp is luminous display port connected to flicker, this we prove that the network connection is no problem, but the computer is even without the Internet, people worry. Finally to consult our technical department staff came to help, frustrating is that they are on the line connecting the wiring box Speechless said, because each of the short line corresponding to the network port is not in order to install, no rules to follow, wrong, messy, let a person look at that big head, finally pulled out one end of the other end to try, try out a cable of a cable. So, the related industry companies in the production of the products, strict quality, well repeated experiments before entering the market, and be equipped with detailed instructions, and instructions should be easy to understand, simple and clear, let the wiring installation construction personnel can handy; in addition, the wiring box installation personnel must comply with their own to be in charge of the occupation morality, mentality to install, can not do things carelessly, not messy, no order to install, after thinking what the network status, network connection problems, other people can understand, also can oneself together, it saves manpower and material resources, but also saves time, is not the best of both worlds.