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How to Wire a Ethernet Plug


Ethernet Plug has two parts: plug and load bars to accurately position the wires inside the plug.

First: Strip about 2 inches of outer insulation jacket with a cable stripper tool then cut off the silk-like rip cord and plastic cross web divider with scissors.

Second: Unravel the twisted pairs and straighten the individual wires by drawing them several times

Third: arrange the wires per the EIA/TIA T568A or T568B wiring standard

fiberopticclamp Ethernet plug 01

Last: HInsert the cable and load bar into the RJ45 modular plug. The plug latching tab faces down and the load bar wedge faces up. Verify the insulation jacket extends past the crimp tab and the load bar / wires butt against the end of the plug

fiberopticclamp Ethernet plug 02


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