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Communications Equipment Industry Weekly: The 9th Beidou Annual Meeting was held, and the 5G First Edition Standard will be released in June

5G: During the 3GPP conference in South Korea, the first edition of the 5G standard is ready to go: this conference will determine the full content of the 3GPPR15 standard and also marks the completion of the first commercialization standard of 5G. The completion of the 5G standard will promote the construction of the 5G base station side and core network, and the related main equipment and transmission equipment industry chain companies are expected to benefit. Beidou: The 9th China Satellite Navigation Academic Annual Conference was held in Harbin: In 2017, the total output value of China's satellite navigation and location service industry reached 255 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.4%. 1. Zhong Haida (300177) [AI Decision]: Announcement of the release of the Beidou high-precision navigation chip "Star 1" and GNSS dish antenna; 2. Zhenxin (300101) [AI decision]: Equity incentive in 2018 Plan (Draft); 3. ZTE Corporation (000063) [AI Decision]: Announcement on the controlling shareholder's increase in holdings of the Company's H shares in the past twelve months. As the ZTE event gradually eases, we mainly recommend leading transmission equipment for domestic transmission equipment (600498) [AI decision] that will benefit from 5G transmission network construction, optical chip leader Guangxun (002281) [AI decision] and data communication. Light module leader Zhongji Xuchuang (300308)